Philadelphia burlesque performer Lil’ Steph featured in Philadelphia Magazine

Philadelphia burlesque show Rasputin’s Room featured in Explore with Cassie

“Lil’ Steph’s burlesque presentations are some of the finest in Philadelphia. A must see.”~ The Erotic Literary Salon

“Lil’ Steph left out the 2 T’s because she knows how to tease”~Scott Johnston

“Criminally Cute” ~Dr Lucky

Lil Steph, a petite platinum blonde in pale pink corset, will haunt my waking dreams—what is it about small-breasted women that makes me nuts?—but for the rest of you, get a gander at that single-cheek ass-bounce.  Skillful, unique, awesome. ” ~JD Oxblood, Burlesque Beat- On BhoF 2010

“Slow Burn
Sultry jazz notes waft on the air as petite powerhouse Lil’ Steph bump ‘n grinds her way across the stage in a perfect neo-classic set.” ~Olena “Photolena” Sullivan, Burlesque Beat -NYBF 2014

“Burlesque diva Lil’ Steph wows onlookers at Ruba”~ Philadelphia Weekly- One day in Philadelphia 2013

“Join one of Philadelphia’s leading burlesque performers and her crew of vixens for a night of debauchery. Among other things, Steph is known for her “single-cheek ass-bounce,” and Daddy couldn’t be more proud.” ~Philadelphia Weekly -PW Weekend Picks (Rasputin’s Room) 2014

Burlesque performer Lil’ Steph put on quite the show during the Teaser Party at The Bell House.”~ New York Daily News- 13th Annual New York Burlesque Festival

Best of NYE Burlesque 2014– Burlex

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