Philadelphia Burlesque Performer, Queen of Burlesque XII, The Criminally Cute Lil’ Steph

The Criminally Cute Lil’ Steph is Philly’s most notorious showgirl and artistic directrix. Lil’ Steph is Queen of Burlesque XII ! This Philadelphia burlesque performer has sauntered across stages in 7 countries, teasing audiences in Paris, Prague, Rome and Amsterdam to name a few. Lil’ Steph  won 1st Runner Up 2019 Queen of Burlesque at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival,  has had the honour of performing at The Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend, headline Bustout Burlesque and win “Most Classic” at The Carolina Burlesque Festival. For over a decade, this cheeky ecdysiast has been bringing her decadent, neo classic style to cities from coast to coast including NYC, New Orleans, Chicago, Miami and LA. Lil’ Steph has produced countless shows in Philly like Bravissimo Burlesque, Rasputin’s Room, Realm of the Dominatrix and Sin Cities as well as being the resident window siren at Portside Parlor First Fridays. Currently you can catch the Queen of Burlesque performing monthly at The Velvet Whip.

For Booking and all inquiries: lilsteph@lilsteph.com

Philadelphia Burlesque Philly Burlesque Burlesque in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Nightlife Entertainment Philadelphia Burlesque Philly Burlesque Queen of Burlesque Philadelphia Cabaret Burlesque Show in Philadelphia


Philadelphia Burlesque Performer, Queen of Burlesque

The Criminally Cute Lil’ Steph

The Criminally Cute Lil’ Steph is Philadelphia’s most notorious showgirl and artistic directrix. She is the reigning Queen of Burlesque XII ! This Philadelphia burlesque performer has sauntered across stages in 7 countries and brought her ultra glam, neo classic style to U.S cities from coast to coast.  She has been dazzling audiences and turning the world on with her smile since 2006.  This notorious Philly burlesque performer has produced numerous shows in Philadelphia including 2 monthly productions, Bravissimo Burlesque (2010-2013) and Rasputin’s Room (2013-2016). She was the guest artistic directrix for the Art of BDSM series and Burlesque-n-Booze at Infusion. As one of Philadelphia’s most sought after performers, she has performed at such events as Diabolique Fetish Ball, Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention, Burlesque -n- Beyond,  Taylor Mac’s 24 Decade History of Popular Music and headlined at Doubled Visions Burlesque Night. She was the resident window siren at Portside Parlor’s art show and is currently a resident performer at The Velvet Whip. Lil’ Steph has performed at many local Philadelphia burlesque shows including Insomnia at Golden Gate. She has intoxicated the room at Philly venues like Helium Comedy Club, Ruba, Johnny Brenda’s, The Trocodaro, World Cafe Live, The TLA, and Underground Arts.

Philadelphia Burlesque Lil' Steph Philly Burlesque

Being one of Philly’s premier burlesque entertainers has given Lil’ Steph the opportunity to perform in top notch shows around the world! She has tantalized audiences  all over PA and in cities like Boston, NYC,  D.C, Las Vegas, San Fransisco, New Orleans , Chicago, Miami and L.A. Lil’ Steph has brought her adorable stage presence to venues like The Queen Theatre(DE), Slipper Room(NYC), Duane Park(NYC), Untitled(CHI), The Drifter(CHI), House of Blues (NOLA), Hangar Theatre(Ithaca) and The Mauch Chunk Opera House(PA). She has appeared in such shows as Bustout Burlesque, Michelle L’Amour’s Big Sexy Show and Angie Pontani’s Burlesque-a Pades. Lil’ Steph has performed with many top notch bands such as infamous trumpeter and crooner, Brian Newman and his band.

Philadelphia burlesque Lil' Steph Philly burlesque

Lil’ Steph is Queen of Burlesque XII! A multi award winning Philadelphia burlesque performer, she won 1st Runner Up 2019 Queen of Burlesque at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival and “Most Classic” at the 2013 Carolina burlesque Festival. Lil’ Steph headlined the 2nd Annual Empire Burlesque Festival in 2017 and had the honour of performing opening night of The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2010.  She has made the festival circuit performing in The PA Burlesque Festival, The New York Burlesque Festival ,World Burlesque Games in London, The Caput Mundi International Burlesque Showcase in Rome, The New Orleans Burlesque Festival and KC Burlesque Festival . 

Philadelphia Burlesque Lil' Steph Philly Burlesque

Lil’ Steph toured Europe in 2014, 2015 and 2016 performing in international festivals and top notch shows.  This tattooed temptress entertained in festivals, The Caput Mundi International Showcase in Rome and World Burlesque Games in London. She teased audiences in Prague with Prague Burlesque, in Hamburg at the world famous Queen Calavera, Amsterdam at Paleis van de Weemoed and in Treviso at Nasty Boys Saloon. She captivated audiences in Paris and Turin.  Lil’ Steph is featured in the 2016 Queen Calavera calendar along with other  performers from around the globe.

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Philadelphia burlesque performer Lil’ Steph featured in Philadelphia Magazine

Philadelphia burlesque show Rasputin’s Room featured in Explore with Cassie

“Lil’ Steph’s burlesque presentations are some of the finest in Philadelphia. A must see.”~ The Erotic Literary Salon

“Lil’ Steph left out the 2 T’s because she knows how to tease”~Scott Johnston

“Criminally Cute” ~Dr Lucky

Lil Steph, a petite platinum blonde in pale pink corset, will haunt my waking dreams—what is it about small-breasted women that makes me nuts?—but for the rest of you, get a gander at that single-cheek ass-bounce.  Skillful, unique, awesome. ” ~JD Oxblood, Burlesque Beat- On BhoF 2010

“Slow Burn
Sultry jazz notes waft on the air as petite powerhouse Lil’ Steph bump ‘n grinds her way across the stage in a perfect neo-classic set.” ~Olena “Photolena” Sullivan, Burlesque Beat -NYBF 2014

“Burlesque diva Lil’ Steph wows onlookers at Ruba”~ Philadelphia Weekly- One day in Philadelphia 2013

“Join one of Philadelphia’s leading burlesque performers and her crew of vixens for a night of debauchery. Among other things, Steph is known for her “single-cheek ass-bounce,” and Daddy couldn’t be more proud.” ~Philadelphia Weekly -PW Weekend Picks (Rasputin’s Room) 2014

Burlesque performer Lil’ Steph put on quite the show during the Teaser Party at The Bell House.”~ New York Daily News- 13th Annual New York Burlesque Festival

Best of NYE Burlesque 2014– Burlex

Philadelphia Burlesque Lil' Steph Philly Burlesque

Philadelphia Burlesque shows curated by Lil’ Steph

Philadelphia Burlesque Philly Burlesque Philadelphia Burlesque Performer Queen of Burlesque Burlesque in Philly


Philly Burlesque performer, Queen of Burlesque, Lil’ Steph

A glimpse at Lil’ Steph’s repertoire. From classic burlesque showgirl to fetish Domina, this Philly burlesque performer always brings a killer, top notch performance. Lil’ Steph is a seamstress who designs and sews all of her own costumes. Her acts are all original.

Queen of Burlesque XII performance

Shivas Regal (1st Runner up Queen of Burlesque NOLA)

Blues is for lovers (performed at New York Burlesque Festival)

I just wanna make love to you ( performed at Burlesque Hall of Fame and at Caput Mundi Burlesque Festival in Rome)

Take on me

Red Blues ( performed at NOBF, NYBF)

​Malaguena Salerosa ( performed at World Burlesque Games)

Pure Morning ( one of Philly Burlesque performer Lil’ Steph’s Fetish acts)

Are you satisfied?

Burning Up

Philadelphia Burlesque Philly Burlesque Philadelphia Nightlife Queen of Burlesque Philadelphia Cabaret Burlesque Performer Philadelphia Nightlife Entertainment


Philly Burlesque Shows

Top Notch Burlesque shows in Philadelphia curated by Queen of Burlesque, the Notorious artistic directrix Lil’ Steph

Platinum Creative LLC

Platinum Creative is the premier Philadelphia Nightlife Entertainment company. Presenting burlesque, cabaret and cirque events that are elegant and sophisticated featuring top notch performers.  Artistic directrix Lil’ Steph, has produced numerous events over her career  including Bravissimo Burlesque, Rasputin’s Room and Sin Cities. She aims to bring decadence and superb entertainment to the Philly nightlife scene. A purveyor of timeless entertainment, Platinum Creative events are inspired by a wondrous assemblage of artistic aesthetics, sin cities of eras past, and the escapist beauty of vintage showgirls, cirque performances and cabaret artists.

Realm of the Dominatrix

Infusion Lounge The Art of BDSM Series

September 27, 2019

Burlesque performances by Commonwealth Entertainment – 11pm, midnight and 1am

​Impact play demo

Domina, Mistress, Goddess, she is the mystical Femme Domme. Enter the realm of the dominatrix. Realm of the Dominatrix presents a kink cabaret exploring the power of BDSM and femme domme. The Priestess of Debauchery, pro domme Mistress Isadora will be presenting The Etiquette of a Spanking demo amid an evening of tantalizing Philadelphia burlesque performances.

Philadelphia Burlesque Lil' Steph Philly Burlesque

Rasputin’s Room 

Burlesque and Booze Fridays at Infusion Lounge

performances by Commonwealth Entertainment- 11pm, midnight and 1am

September 20, 2019

Enjoy delicious cocktails while being entertained by opulent burlesque performances

Philadelphia Burlesque Lil' Steph Philly Burlesque

Rasputin’s Room

Established 2013

The Preeminent Philadelphia Burlesque Show

March 26, 2019- Bourbon and Branch

“How can you sincerely repent if you have not sinned?”- Rasputin

The time has come to satisfy your craving for sinful behavior. RASPUTIN’S ROOM brings you an extravaganza of opulent indulgence. RASPUTIN’S ROOM is a lavish evening overflowing with sumptuous burlesque, riotous comedians and spellbinding chanteuses. RASPUTIN’S ROOM features a rotating cast of the most alluring local and international performers! RASPUTIN’S ROOM is Philly’s Poshest Burlesque Show!

Coverage of Rasputin’s Room in Explore Philly

Coverage of Rasputin’s Room in Philadelphia Magazine

Burlesque Night 2018 at Double Visions

Featured Headliner Lil’ Steph

Check out Lil’ Steph’s Calendar page to see where and when she will be performing

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